"M is for Maestro"

 November 15th, 2013.  10:30am

Production is complete, the film has been submitted to the ABCs of Death 2 - 26th Director Competition, voting has just closed as of last night, and we should be hearing later today if we've made it to the finals or not.  The film can bee seen currently at http://26th.abcsofdeathpart2.com/entry/m-is-for-maestro/ and will be added to the Film/Videography page on this site over the weekend.  Thank you so much to my talented and hard-working cast and crew, to all the donors who contributed via Kickstarter, and to everyone who voted for us in the competition.  It's been a wild ride and I owed a lot to all of you for making it possible.  Thank you so much.


September 23, 2013.  11:30AM

We're knee-deep in pre-production on our new short film: "M is for Maestro".  Happenstance Productions is re-teaming with members of Team Undecided - creators of Top 12 Submission to the 2013 New Haven 48-Hour Film Project: "Jolly Unfortunate" - to bring you an original and terrifying tale.  

A master conductor, obsessed with perfection, tumbles into madness and performs unspeakable acts to achieve his ultimate masterpiece.   

The stage is set, we're casting and location scouting as we speak.  What we need most now is your help funding this incredible project.  Our goal is to raise $1000 or more in the next 25 days so that we can make this film the way it deserves to be made.  Every little bit helps and we have fabulous prizes for certain donation amounts.  Check out the Kickstarter now and help us make our ultimate masterpiece.


Follow our progress on our Facebook Page.

Update: September 30, 2013.  1:30pm

We have posted the teaser trailer for "M is for Maestro" .  Check it out and please become part of our production by donating on the Kickstarter page.