Adam J. Berlingeri

I'm a 33 year old filmmaker living in Stratford, Connecticut.  I've worked on everything from short films and music videos, to stage play video projections, live sporting/concert events, documentaries, advertisements, and more since I was a freshman in high school.  I've garnered awards and recognition for projects I've worked on in roles ranging from director, producer, and editor, to writer, actor, lighting, cinematography, etc.  I've probably done every production role at least once in my career.  My primary passion is in editing and directing.  When it comes to graphic design, I consider myself an "advanced hobbyist", specializing in photo-manipulations, posters and book/album cover design. 

I'm a story teller, first and foremost.

Under the branding of my production company - HAPPENSTANCE PRODUCTIONS - I offer freelance videography, video editing, and graphic design services.  All of my own short films are produced under that name as well.  I specialize in applications such as Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere certified, Photoshop, After Effects) as well as Final Cut Pro, Motion and more.  I shoot in HD and 4K and am familiar with a number of cameras and recording/distribution formats.

I never start a project thinking about what I know how to do. I think about what I want to do, then figure out how to make it happen.

Whether you're looking to have a cutting-edge music video, an attention-grabbing commercial, a dramatic and gripping film, or an awe-inspiring video accompaniment to a stage production, look no further than HAPPENSTANCE PRODUCTIONS.